Key initiativesEducated Giving Foundation is the Shark Tank for the Charity World. Our purpose is to fund amazing world changing projects for reputable charities. We provide money and resources to organizations that can show us a clear plan and public commitment to measurable results. Like with Venture Capital or Investment Banking firms we only want to invest in high value organizations with the potential to create impactful and meaningful returns. However, instead of money we are looking for the best return on gift ratio. Contact us today to get involved in a life long educated giving strategy.


Measurable Results

Our goal is to show measurable results, receive gifts back, and attract new members to the foundation because of our successful stewardship practices.

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Due diligence 

We vet and vote on where the gifts are going. We help charities set up realistic plans for exceeding financial milestones and reasonable time lines for gifting us money back. 


Collective giving

By pooling our giving, we can make a more meaningful impact on charities and see exactly how those gifts are benefiting the world.